Visibility 24/7 – Whether your client is on the beach, at a coffee shop or just enjoying their holiday, your information is always at their fingertips. Stilbaai mobile app is always visible on your phone’s home screen, can be found in the App store, whereas, mobile websites are not always visible.

Communication – Mobile Apps enable push notifications for direct contact with customers and a mobile website does not.

Other reasons are:

1. Building Relationships
2. Building loyalty
3. Increasing your visibility and accessibility
4. Solving the problem of getting stuck in spam folders
5. Connecting with your consumers on the go

Overall, as you can see, Mobile Apps play an integral role in your content marketing strategy. Can your business afford not to join the Appconomy?



We took into account today’s global economy and structured our pricing according to affordability.

There is A R400.00 listing fee for admin purposes, and this is a yearly fee.

Furthermore, we have the ability to send PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Should your season be going slow, or maybe you have a deal second to none, we are able to send out a notification to all our clients who have downloaded our APP, who are in Stilbaai, informing them of what you have to offer.

You can reach thousands of tourists, at the push of a button. Do you have a special at your restaurant?, do you have a property just listed going for a steal?, do you want to make people aware of something in your business that is going to increase the feet through your door?, PUSH NOTIFICATIONS is for you.

Push Notifications is billed and pricing is negotiable.

R 400.00 listing fee is payable to:

Razorsharp Studio Pty Ltd – Nedbank Cheque Acc No. 114 225 4151

Use your business name as reference.



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